Double G Ranch LLC
14900 Flatwoods Road
Sweetwater, TN 37874

Our ranch is a work in progress and every day we work to make it more efficient. Right now we are raising LaMancha and Nigerian Dwarf goats, Large Black Heritage hogs, Dexter cows and a mix of chickens. We also have horses, donkeys, dogs and cats roaming around.

While the goats primary purpose is to provide the milk and soap products, we also raise a few to sell. Their milk, in our opinion, is the creamiest, sweetest tasting milk you can get. Good thing its nutritious because we eat a lot of cheese and yogurt!

Our hogs of course provide us with pork along with a steady stream of piglets that we sell to the market. They are naturally grass fed and easy keepers compared to some of our other animals. On a side note, we did not realize how smart they were too…

As for the cows, we use them for beef and milk. Very rarely do we sell those, mainly because buiding a quality herd takes a lot of time.

Here in the foothills of Tennessee, most fruits and vegetables have no problem growing and providing a supply of year-round yummy-ness. Eventually, we may have a surplus we can sell at local farmers markets and community vegetable stands. Like I said, we are continuously making the land work for us.

When we are not working, we do enjoy horseback riding and visiting with family and friends.

That’s us in a nutshell.

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