SoapWhy would you invest your hard-earned money in something as simple as soap? Why not? We use it every day on our bodies or our pet’s body then wash it down into our water supply. Think about all those chemicals added to commercial soaps! Treat your body and our environment with a natural alternative found in our homemade goat milk soaps! We’ve created them. Now all you have to do is pick a size, shape and scent that is right for you. Click bar of soap to go to Store.

Soaps are made right here on the ranch from our hand-milked sweet nanny goats.

Fresh organic goat milk & eggs

We provide to our local market fresh goats milk (for animal consumption) and fresh chicken or duck eggs.  Our animals are free-range grazers and there are no hormones or antibiotics given. Availability is limited so please contact us for specific questions.

Handmade horseshoe decor

Have a specific “horseshoe” item you would like made for your home or garage?  How about a hat rack, coat rack, paper towel or toilet paper holder, towel racks….picture frames, crosses, lamp stands, key holder… or maybe just a “welcome sign” or your last name sign…the list is almost endless!  Take a look at some of the ideas we have come up with over the years.  These authentic horseshoe products are made right here on the ranch from our horses used shoes.  Why waste these heavy duty solid metals?  They will last forever and hold up to whatever task they are gently welded into. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, contact us and we will attempt to accommodate your needs. For many reasons we believe recycling is important in this day and time. Made in the USA and from recycled materials!!

Pasture-fed livestock

We raise Large Black Heritage Hogs and Gloucester Pigs;  Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian and Mini Lamanchas; Dexter Cows; Muscovy Ducks and a variety of chickens.  We occasionally have some for sale to our local market.  If interested, please contact us for availability.

Double G Ranch LLC
14900 Flatwoods Road
Sweetwater, TN 37874

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